Stefania Rinaldi


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Stefania is the founder of Studio Rinaldi. In 2006 she relocated from New York to London. In 2007 she moved the studio to London permanently. Stefania’s focus is to enlarge the practice and maintain a high standard of quality whilst working on projects of varying scale. She is an ARB registered architect, RIBA chartered member, West London Architects member and ITARCHIUK member (Associazione architetti italiani in UK).


Alberto Possamai

Project Manager

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Alberto was born in Albenga, Italy in 1987. Graduated from University of Genova with a project thesis in Homeless Residences in New Delhi, India. He has been working for Studio Rinaldi since 2016. Before he left Italy to join Studio Rinaldi, he did a post graduate training in Renzo Piano Foundation in Genova. Alberto currently works as a Project Architect and he is involved in residential and commercial projects. He is an ARB architect and he is a member of ITARCHIUK (Associazione architetti italiani in UK).


Elena Guaitoli

Architectural Assistant

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Elena was born in Gorizia, Italy in 1992. After having completed the Bachelor Degree at the University of Trieste, she has attended the Master program at Politecnico of Torino, where she has graduated in 2017. Thanks to her educational background she has developed a sensitivity towards renovation and refurbishment projects. During the university period she has had the opportunity to participate and win the international architecture and graphics competition Premio Piranesi – Prix de Rome.


Assistants & Consultants


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Our practice is founded in a continuous exchange of collaborations with interns and architectural professionals. We work closely with consultants with whom we have developed a professional relationship. We believe that it is fundamental to work as a team and to share experiences and knowledge.

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