Gross Floor Area


We envision a flexible and adaptable working place.

Desks of different sizes, positioned in various areas, can be composed in many different configurations. The intent is to have an informal distribution where employees can interact with each other and at the same time feel an intimate atmosphere.

Between the working areas, a big glass volume becomes the focus of the office. The glass cube hosts the bar/kitchen and the party/presentation room with the possibility to extend the presentation room to the boardroom.

We want these spaces to be adaptable to the increase of people and to the different use of the rooms.

From the reception, visitors can access easily the boardrooms which are also connected to the glass cube. The boardroom as part of the glass cube hosts the big screen that can be used for the private meeting as well as the screen for the presentation and party events.

The meeting room booths are also intimate space for private conversation or for quiet moments. They are all of different sizes and with different interior furniture.

The light plays an important role; the desks are close to the natural light.

The layout allows for 80 desks and for additional desks as well.

The furniture selected are fine examples of Italian design.

Innovation, creativity and craftsmanship are embodied in the Italian design.

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