Studio Rinaldi is a thriving architecture and interior design firm based in London. We are dedicated to bringing every project to its highest level of design, expressing the distinct nature of each space through form and material.

We work extremely closely with our clients in order to understand their expectations fully and establish a shared vision. Following our projects all the way from the initial concept to the construction to the final interior details, we strive to fulfil each client’s wishes.

We’re passionate about researching new and innovative materials and technologies, and we embrace revolutionary advances in the arena of green architecture. Where it’s appropriate and desired, we aim to incorporate environmentally friendly concepts that complement and enhance the overall design.

We view each new project as a unique opportunity with innovative and dynamic possibilities, and we are equally excited by residential and commercial spaces. We also apply the same creative processes to landscape concepts and outdoor spaces.

Our precise and consistent design approach often requires extensive research, which we are happy to undertake in order to achieve well-planned solutions that suit our client’s needs and the unique specifications of each individual project.

Studio Rinaldi is especially well suited to working with international clients, and the design team is fluent in several languages. Having lived and worked around the world, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand diverse cultural aesthetics and needs, and on our ability to carefully incorporate them into artfully designed, pleasing spaces. We are also-well versed in the building codes and technical requirements of both the U. S. and Europe, and we work extensively with top-notch engineers and consultants whenever needed, assuring that every detail is addressed.

The studio would like to extend our deepest thanks to the many professional teams that collaborate with Studio Rinaldi, both in London and internationally.

Most important, we would like to thank all of our clients whose appreciation for good architecture and design make it possible for us to pursue our passion creating the well-designed spaces that you love!