Rocks to overlook the valley. Our project takes the shape of two rocks emerging from the mountains. The volumes want to perceived as an expression of the culture heritage of the Bamiyan people. The open space that connects the architectural rocks will provide a public plaza to gather and exchange and to promote interaction with the different ethnic groups in Afghanistan.


The proportion of our building plays a fundamental role and balance with the magnitude of the city and the valley. It connects the south and east of the existing buildings which include the Afghan police station and the north and west side of the valley, The “beacon-iconic” volume safeguards the city, emphasises the beauty of the landscape and the different views of the valley.


Every subtraction or rotation of the volume highlights the surrounding and reshapes the environment. We can contemplate the spectacular valley from the different levels and access, from the plaza and the park. Every folding of the building becomes landscape as well.


A perforated bricks skin will allow the building to store the heat of the sun during cold winters and reject the heat during the summer. We applied a thermal mass concept for the interior brickwork which will allow the building to maintain a moderate temperatures. The materials and the construction method are typical of the area. Our goal is to make a connection with the tradition, with the people and the way they live.


The building will include two floors of exhibition space with the possibility to use the conference room as extra space if required. The performance hall is a multi-space area, which could also be used for indoor sports during the hot hours of the summer or during the winter. The outdoor concert hall connects both volumes can host two thousand people for open air concerts and performances. The Buddha cliff view is the impressive background of the outdoor space.

The heritage of the area should be enhanced and promoted through the culture, the people and the surroundings. In this context, the new cultural centre is the beacon of the region and the Bamiyan culture.

The building emphasise the democracy process that the country is embracing as one image: two solid rocks filled with culture and education joined inseparably by the civic area.

Team Members:
Stefania Rinaldi, Fernando Gimenez and Natalia Gentilcore.