What will the 2020 future house typology be?

How will the new house represent the contemporary lifestyle and enhance the different backgrounds, age groups and needs of the future inhabitants?

In which way will the new residential unit embrace the sense of community, the respect for the land, the primordial idea of safety and privacy?

These are fascinating topics which require investigation not only from our architectural point of view but also from consultants and experts in the field of construction, development, real-estate, commercial, legislation, planning and social sectors.

At this stage, we are proposing a series of suggestions that are important to develop the project further. Our principal goal is to have a flexible house module which can easily be adapted to the different detached, semi, terrace typologies.

The house compromises an open ground floor living room, kitchen, storage and internal court. On the first floor, the bedrooms and bathrooms are organised around the court.

Light filters from the court directly into the open space of the ground floor, corridor and master bedroom on the above floor. The court is the focal point which connects the different spaces, offers different solutions on how to be utilised, creates a sense of openness and brings the outside inside.

People of all of ages are becoming more sensitive to a healthy lifestyle which promote wellbeing , meditation and exercise. Life expectancy is increasing considerably, a new generation of older people starts to be aware of the importance to live healthily and are alert regarding their physical and mental conditions.

Sustainability issues concern people of all the generation. Everybody understands the need to save energy, to be conscious about our fragile and vulnerable ecological system, to adopt new green and recycling materials.

We have adopted the sustainable drainage system as an energy source. We are proposing to harvest rainwater to be incorporated in the SUDS system, to use solar panels to generate and produce electricity, to install electrical recharge for cars, to use a smart system to control heating and electrical.

We would like to offer an abacus of elements that the customer can choose depending on their needs, their budget and preference of taste.

The housing unit can be enlarged maintaining the general principle of the design intact. The court can be extended as well as part of the ground floor. On the first floor, an additional room can be added, or the two bedrooms can gain more volume, while the general layout continues to adhere to the original design.

The customer can choose what to add on the court ( green wall , climbing wall .. ) and the colour of bricks on the facade . Additionally, the customer can add custom elements ( as for example bay windows and corner side windows ), select the typologies, the size of the house, integrate the Led recessed light into the facades.

We think that offering an interesting selection of options will enhances the experience of the buyer who will feel connected with the project and the creative aspect of the project.

With this in mind, we design the court as a small space for meditation, yoga, to read, to listen to music, to nurture plants, to exercise . The court could include water, such a fountain which collects the rainwater, as well as a green wall and one to climb and /or to store a bike.

We want to build a community of people enthusiastic about their living space and neighbours.

We are proposing a basic concept which can be personalised and adapted to the standard of modern living, in harmony with the historical heritage of our cities.

Our presentation would like to start a dialogue, a suggestion about modern living, architecture and inhabitants, keeping in consideration the reality of today and the possibilities to realise this new development.

The second phase of project 2020 could give us the opportunity to finalise the options in relation to the site plan and to develop the house module maintaining a fixed part and a flexible one, to present an abacus of elements which the customer can implement in their selected home.

The second phase will enable us to listen , to understand the process and to deliver a solution which incorporate all the topics discussed.