Rendering the entire shape of the town with ‘honeycomb’ shapes was a way to future-proof the identity: it could easily be adapted and able to respond to respond to any further development of the town’s borders.

The Hexagon is taken as an initial geometric study to provide a consistent and unifying language to the regeneration of the Vauxhall Area.

Rather than being a concrete concept, it is manifested as purely an idea, for the notion of a unified narrative through the urban spaces being able to form. In essence, the Hexagon is representational of a multitude of functions, unified by a unique geometry.To realise a holistic, sustainable and unified vision for Vauxhall, the concept of this programme is one of a unified language, repeatable, flexible and consistent.The envisioned trail trough Vauxhall, forming the once missing link, would rely on a geometric language to communicate to the walker, visitor, resident, an identity which is over reaching throughout the area.

Simplicity in repetition, the order in geometry and flexibility in function allow for a series of interventions suited directly to needs of the immediate context, lighting an archway, planting along a new boulevard, shelter in a park.

We do not suggest the Hexagon as the force behind the concept, rather, a single form, offering a unified language, provides the logical link which is sought.