Tokyo light boxes

Our free – standing building for the modern culture laboratory provides an open multipurpose space for the temporary exhibitions, installations, performances, workshops, an auditorium and a library. Conceived as a dynamic space, the level of the ground floor extends to the outside originating a whole volume. It is an architecture of connected areas, a series of stacking and interlocking squares, that promote privacy from the main street and openness on the side where the entrances and the sculptural garden are located. these are light boxes that create movement; they invite to explore the space and to discover the views of the city and the surrounding landscape.

The building enhances simplicity, flexibility and expresses a profound cultural outlook of Japanese tradition and innovation. We wanted to emphasise lightness as this component in Japanese architecture traces its origin back to traditional wooden construction.

We immersed ourselves with the exploration of the Japanese lifestyle to discover a fascinating world built upon a profound historical route which is also open to embrace modernity.

The building is a beacon of light, a cultural event for the neighbour and the city.