Upper West Side, NYC


Completed 2004

Gross Floor Area

3200 Sq Ft


Wade Zimmerman

This renovation included three floors and the roof of a Manhattan townhouse. We designed a custom-built staircase to interconnect the floors, which were originally configured as separate and individual flats. The staircase features transparent polycarbonate display areas, providing both decorative detail and storage space. New bedrooms, bathrooms and studies were added to the previously renovated living areas on the first floor.

We transformed the rooftop into a garden and outdoor eating area, capitalising on the magnificent views of the New York skyline. Our goal was to create a usable space with a clean design, paying careful attention to security, safety and ease of maintenance. The new roof structure required the addition of a new structural floor supporting the open terrace and a new staircase leading into the residence. It is set back from the front faced and features a skylight, providing outdoor light to the floor below. It houses a kitchenette for conveniently serving the outdoor eating area and has exterior wall light fixtures that allow the terrace to be used in the evening.

We chose to work with accessible materials that were suited to the design and allowed us to complete the project within the short lead time required by the client. These include galvanised steel gratings and fire-retardant wood plank flooring that meet fire regulation codes and provide ample drainage for plantings, fibreglass railings and stucco wall finish.